How to Contact Us

If you :

  • Are having a problem with the website or catalog, please use this form.
  • Want to ask a reference question, please use this form.
  • Would like to suggest that LVDL purchase an item, please use this form.
  • Have a suggestion about how LVDL can improve our service to you and the community, please use this form.

To contact the Director of the Library, please use this form.

To contact a department head, please call 847-356-7711 and use the following extensions:

  • Director: Andy at ext. 5100
  • Assistant Director: Paul at ext. 5106
  • Circulation: Debbie at ext. 5107
  • Information Technology: Glenn at ext. 5105
  • Technical Services: Anita at ext. 5111
  • Youth Services: Kerry at ext. 5112

Freedom of Information Act Requests

The Lake Villa District Library is committed to providing access to public records under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act and Open Meetings Act, Pension Reform Bill, Public Act 97-609

The Freedom of Information Officer designated for the library is:

Andy Lentine, Director
Lake Villa District Library
1001 E. Grand Avenue
Lake Villa, IL 60046
847-356-7711 ext. 5100

Freedom of Information Act Policy

FOIA Request Form

Open Meetings Act, Pension Reform Bill, Public Act 97-609

Directions on how to access the total compensation package for each employee having a total compensation package that exceeds $75,000 per year can be obtained by contacting Andy Lentine, Director, at or by phone at 847-356-8527 ext. 5100.

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