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General FAQs about Zinio

What is Zinio?
    Zinio is a commercial service that sells access to digital magazines. Through RB Digital, Lake Villa library is able to offer a selection of Zinio’s magazines to our patrons.


Does Zinio cost anything?
No. (And yes). Anyone with a Lake Villa library card can read and download the magazines available through our Zinio collection at no cost. (However, the library does purchase subscriptions to the magazines we offer. So, if there are titles you don’t see in our collection that you want to read, let us know. We want to buy titles that will get used).  


Why am I seeing prices for magazines?

If you see prices for a magazine, you are browsing Zinio’s commercial website. Return to the Lake Villa collection page to browse our titles. (You can purchase magazine through Zinio if you want, but remember that any titles the library subscribes to are free to read and download).


What if someone has already checked out a magazine I want?
Doesn’t matter! Zinio magazines are multi-access, which is a fancy word that means everyone can use it at once.


Can I check out more than 1 magazine at a time?
Please do. In fact, you could check out every one of the 53 titles we offer. 


How long is the checkout period?
As long as you want. Your magazines won’t expire unless you delete them.


Can I use the library’s collection if I already have a Zinio account?
Yes. Sign up for a library account, and make sure to use the same email address as your Zinio account.


How come Consumer Reports, People, Time, and Sports Illustrated aren’t available?
The publishers of these magazines have not agreed to terms with Zinio.


How do I stop receiving e-mails with promotional offers from Zinio?

Go to your Zinio account page. Log in and hover over your name (top right corner) Click on Account Settings. Click on Preferences. Make sure the “No” boxes are filled in. Save changes.  


Can I print from Zinio magazines?
Maybe. Printing capabilities are determined by the publisher, and differ for each magazine. To see if you can print, you’ll need to open a magazine and look for the print icon in the bottom left hand corner of the reader. If you’re printing at the library, normal charges apply. (25 cents per color page: a steal!)  


How come the pages aren’t shifting when I turn my device from horizontal to vertical?
Some publishers chose to “lock” content to a certain screen orientation. Some of the titles that lock are PC Magazine, Road & Track, Cosmopolitan, House Beautiful, Popular Mechanics, and Car and Driver.


How do I get Zinio on my mobile device or tablet?
The Zinio app is available for Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire. For Android and iOS, find it in your app marketplace. For Kindle Fire, follow these directions. The app is a read only application. You must go to our website first to checkout books from our collection. If you shop for magazines directly in the app, you will be searching the commercial Zinio site. Magazines that you download to your device can be read at a later date without an internet connection.


Who can I contact for more assistance?
Adult Reference by email, phone (847-356-7711), or in person.   

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