Frequently Asked Questions

Building the New Lake Villa District Library - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are you building a new library?
    We are at a space deficit to effectively serve the current population and inadequate to accommodate future growth.  The current building, renovated 18 years ago, is 30,000 square feet but is based on a needs assessment that called for a 45,000 square foot building.  Because the referendum for that size addition failed, the plans were scaled back.  With the population in the library district expected to surge to over 50,000 by 2040 (according the Chicago Metropolitan Planning Commission), building a new library became the best option.
  2. Why aren’t we adding on to the existing building?
    Although the architects could design a building for the Grand Avenue site, there is no way to add the amount of parking necessary for that size building.  Additionally, the Library Trustees are responsible to future boards. Staying at this location offers no options for growth. 
  3. What will happen to the existing building?
    It has been appraised and will go up for sale.  
  4. How much will the project cost?
    We anticipate the project to cost $25million.  Over the years, the library’s administration has been extremely fiscally responsible and saved $16 million.  That reserve will pay for the bulk of the project---a portion will be financed---and taxes will not increase.  With our continued pattern of fiscal responsibility, loans will be covered as well as complete operating expenses with the revenue from our current tax rate.  
  5. What will be the new address ? 
    140 N. Munn Road, Lindenhurst, Il.  60046
  6. How can Lake Villa District Library be located in Lindenhurst?
    Because the library follows the boundaries of Lake Villa Township, it can be located anywhere in the township.  
  7. How long will the project take?
    The total project—design and construction---will take approximately two years. 
  8. When will construction begin?
    We expect construction to begin sometime this summer.
  9. How big will the new library be? 
    The new library will be approximately 60,000 square feet, over twice the size of the current facility. 
  10. What new technology will be offered in the new library?
    The technology will be state-of-the art with plenty of ports, charging stations and collaborative spaces for small groups to work and study.  Also, the work stations will easily accommodate single users and larger groups. 
  11. How can I find out more about the project?
    Project information will be regularly updated and available at  wherever you see ‘It Starts Here’.
    Call or email Library Director Andy Lentine at 847.245.5100 with any other questions, comments or concerns about the new library construction project.