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Need help with your homework? You've come to the right place! We've got lots of great online resources for you to use.

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Did you know you can get homework help online from a real live tutor? You can get help with your math, science, social studies or English homework. Tutors are available in English or Spanish, from noon to midnight every day! Check out what some LVDL patrons have said about this service:

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Ready to try it? You'll just need your Lake Villa District Library card in order to log in. Click the image below to get started!

Electronic Databases

What's an electronic database? It's like a library that you access through the computer, with lots of information on all kinds of subjects. Databases are not the same as the regular "free" websites you find on the Internet. The information in an electronic database is just like what you'd find in a library book.

You can use these databases at home if you've got your Lake Villa District Library card handy. You'll be asked to type in the long number on the back of the card, plus your password. (If you haven't changed it, the password is patron).

You'll find more databases for older kids and teens here.

A to Z Maps Online
All kinds of maps, with detailed information on population, climate and much more. (This database has volcano maps!)

Biography In Context
Need information about somebody famous (or not so famous)? You’ll find it here!

Grolier Online Passport
Looking for an encyclopedia article? This is the database for you! You’ll also find dictionaries, an atlas and information on events happening right now.

NoveList K-8
Looking for a good book to read? Try this database—you can search for books by type of story, grade level, Lexile range and more.

World Almanac for Kids Online
Articles, information and videos for kids on animals, science, careers, the United States and other countries of the world.


The Internet's a big place. Looking for reliable websites that can help you with your homework? Try these librarian-created resources for finding great sites!

ALA's Great Web Sites for Kids

ipl2 For Kids

KidsClick! Web Search for Kids by Librarians

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