RB Digital First Time Instructions

1. Visit www.lvdl.org and select RB Digital Magazine

2. Select Create New Account

3. Click the cover of a magazine, then Checkout

4. You can read the magazine in your web browser.  If you are on a mobile device or tablet, download the RB Digital app


Downloading the App

5. Go to Google Play or the App Store. Search for RB Digital and download it.

6. After the app has downloaded, enter the same email/password you used to create the account in step 2.

7. Magazines you’ve checked out appear in the app.


Using the RB Digital App

Get a magazine: Tap the menu icon and select Magazines.  Tap checkout when ready to borrow.

Download a magazine: To view your magazine library, tap the menu icon and Checked Out.  Tap read underneath the magazine cover to download the magazine.  You must have Wi-Fi to download a magazine.  Once downloaded, the magazine can be read offline.

Deleting magazines: Tap the cover of the magazine and then select Return.  There are no due dates on magazines, but they do take up space on your device. 


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