Professional Development Workshops

Did you know we offer free professional development workshops for educators? Illinois K-12 teachers can receive professional development credits for attending our workshops. We cover all kinds of interesting topics throughout the school year! This page will show future workshop descriptions and dates as well as archived handouts from previous workshops. To suggest topics for future workshops, please contact Rachel Reinwald at or 847.245.5113

Future Workshops

Baby Signs: Help your 0 to 5-year-old Communicate Better
Tuesday, October 24th, 4:30 - 5:30 pm (no credit hours)

Baby sign language may give a typically developing child a way to communicate several months earlier than those who only use vocal communication. Help you child or student boost their language skills and communicate their needs more articulately. Sign language reduces frustration in young children by giving them a means to express themselves before they know and/or are willing to communicate verbally. Young children who are taught sign language at an early age actually develop better verbal skills as they get older. Registration begins October 1st.

Comics in the Classroom
Tuesday, February 20th, 4:30 - 5:30 pm (1 credit hour)

Comics are great for emergent, reluctant and gifted readers because they both aid in comprehension while challenging literacy skills at the same time. Comics are engaging, introduce content efficiently and are effective learning tools. We process text and images in different areas of the brain. Reading comics connects these areas and pairing an image with text leads to increased memory retention for both. This workshop includes why graphic novels are complex texts as defined by the Common Core, how to use comics to teach in the content areas, how and where to find the best comics, and more. Registration begins February 1st.

Monday, April 23rd, 4:30 - 5:30 pm (1 credit hour)

We have planned out two awesome programs and are trying to decide which one! You will know soon! Registration begins April 1st.


Resources from Past Workshops

Booktalking Magic

Reading Informational Text: Skills for Research Projects in Grades K-6

Tap Into New Nonfiction: A Compiled Bibliography