Downloading Music FAQ

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What’s Freegal?
Freegal is a library resource that allows you to download MP3s for free. Think of it like we’re sharing our iTunes collection with you.

Do I really get to keep the songs I download?
Yes. The songs you download come as MP3 files, and they are yours to use as you see fit.

What do I need to use Freegal?
A Lake Villa District Library card, and either a computer or a device with the Freegal App. MP3s from Freegal download directly so there is no additional technology to install.

How many songs can I download?
Each library card is allowed 5 songs per week. The week starts on Monday. (Hint, hint: If you have a family member or friend that doesn’t use Freegal, ask to “borrow” their card to get more songs)
Can I get the songs on my phone?
Yes, you can download the Freegal App, which will download songs directly to your phone.

How do I download a song?
Search or browse for the song you want. There should be a link that says “download” If there isn’t, click the + sign and “Download Now”

Where does my song go once it downloads?
Usually to your “downloads” folder. After you click download, you should see the file appear at the bottom of your browser. You then have the option to “open” or “show in folder.” “Show in folder” will show you where the file is stored.  

Can I put the songs in my iTunes?
Yes. Once downloaded, you can put the song in iTunes or any other application you use to manage your music. 

Ready to download free MP3s? Browse Freegal's collection