Frequently Asked Questions

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Building the New Lake Villa District Library - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why did we build a new library?
    In 2013 the Library Board hired George Lawson to conduct a Needs Assessment of the Grand Avenue building.  The assessment revealed the building’s inadequacies and mechanical issues as well as community impact.  It was determined that the 1001 building could no longer serve the current population and was inadequate to accommodate future growth. With the population in the library district expected to surge to over 50,000 by 2040 (according the Chicago Metropolitan Planning Commission), building a new library became the best option.
  2. Why wasn't an addition built on the 1001 E. Grand Avenue Location?
    Although the architects could design a building for the Grand Avenue site, there is no way to add the amount of parking necessary for that size building.  Additionally, the Library Trustees are responsible to future boards. Staying at this location offers no options for growth.
  3. What will happen to the old library building?
    It has been appraised and will go up for sale. 
  4. How much did the project cost?
    We anticipate the project will cost $25million.  Over the years, the library’s administration has been extremely fiscally responsible and has built up the capital project fund.  That fund will pay for the bulk of the project; a portion will be financed.  Taxes, as a result of the building project, will not increase. With continued fiscal responsibility, loans will be covered as well as complete operating expenses with the revenue from the current tax rate.
  5. How can Lake Villa District Library be located in Lindenhurst?
    Because the library follows the boundaries of Lake Villa Township, it can be located anywhere in the township. 
  6. Why weren’t public meetings held prior to the library’s purchase of the land? 
    The property was already zoned PUD ---Planned Unit Development.  A PUD accommodates a variety of uses including commercial, retail, multi-family and institutional.   A public hearing was held at the May 18, 2016 Lindenhurst Plan Commission meeting for the proposed rezoning of the property to Institutional.  At the May 23, 2016 Lindenhurst Village Board meeting, the rezoning proposal passed as Ordinance 16-5-2037
  7. When did construction begin?
    September 2017.
  8. How big is the new library?
    The new library is 66,000 square feet, over twice the size of the current facility.
  9. What new technology will the new library offer?
    Plenty of ports and charging stations throughout the building; integrated A/V equipment---including Epson Smartboards--in the conference and meeting rooms; automated-materials handling and an increased number of self-check stations.
  10. What energy-efficient features does the library have?
    It has a geo-thermal heating/cooling system; outdoor window fins along the westside to deflect sunlight; a 5-step bio-filtration system for stormwater management and harvest lighting throughout the building to conserve electricity.
  11. When will landscaping be installed?
    We expect the landscape project to begin sometime in the fall.