Please note, library visits are limited to one-hour and face coverings are required for the duration of the visit. More information
  • Call 847.245.5115 to confirm the availability of notary staff. Calling ahead will ensure that a notary is available to assist you.
  • Complete, but do not sign, all documents before your visit. Documents must be signed in front of the notary.
  • Each signer must provide a current, valid identification issued by a state or federal agency that includes a photo and a signature.
  • Please bring your own witnesses if they are required.
  • LVDL is unable to notarize:
    • handwritten wills
    • Cook County real estate documents
    • I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification forms

Notarizing documents is free. Not all staff members are authorized to notarize documents, so we recommend calling ahead to ensure that a Notary will be present. Please keep in mind that Notaries cannot give legal advice. Questions about documents should be referred to qualified legal counsel or to the parties requesting the notarization of the signature.

More information in our full Notary Policy.