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Lake Villa District Library serves Lake Villa Township, including the communities of Lake Villa, Lindenhurst, portions of Round Lake Beach, Round Lake Heights and Antioch. The population served is approximately 40,000. Learn about the history of Lake Villa District Library.

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Mission Statement

We enrich lives by connecting people with resources, services, spaces and each other. 

Culture Statement

Every day, we act in service to our community and each other.

Strategic Plan

Lake Villa District Library's Fiscal Year 2022 - 2024 Strategic Plan

Fiscal Year 2025 - 2026 Strategic Plan Extension

Lake Villa District Library Foundation

The Lake Villa District Library Foundation is the public not-for-profit charitable arm of Lake Villa District Library (LVDL). The Foundation offers various methods to contribute to the library and aids in broadening the funding base in support of operational, capital and programmatic needs.  Established by the LVDL Board of Trustees in 2003, the LVDL Foundation was incorporated by the State of Illinois as a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization under the Internal Revenue Service tax code in 2004. All contributions are tax deductible.

There are three methods available to support the LVDL Foundation: the legacy tribute, the collection endowment, and the annual community event.

Annual Community Event - Grapes & Growlers: A Night at the Library

The LVDL Foundation Annual Community event is an opportunity to meet with friends and neighbors and experience the library in a unique way. Proceeds from the event benefit our annual summer reading program, which is the library’s most popular program. Event sponsorships are available at various levels and are publicized upon the announcement of the event.

The Legacy Tribute

The legacy tribute provides means for the purchase of a specific book or collection of materials in recognition of an individual or group.  The recognition can be for a specific achievement, accomplishment or in memory of a loved one.

All collection endowment and legacy tribute materials will have a bookplate to identify the individual or group being recognized, the reason for the recognition and the name of the individual or group who made the donation.

The Collection Endowment

The collection endowment is an opportunity to provide ongoing means for the expansion of the library’s collection. An endowment will be established when a minimum of $500 has been received for a special collection. Every year after, 5% of the endowment’s value will be used to purchase a new book for that endowment’s collection.

All library collections are eligible for endowment, or a general endowment can be established. Some examples are History, Caregiver, Local Author, Foreign Language.