Lake Villa District Library Celebrates Art Collection

The Gallery at Lake Villa District Library, a collection of original work created by artists living in Lake Villa Township, will be officially unveiled at 2pm, Sunday, August 14. All are welcome to attend.

In an effort to enhance the new library facility, which opened in August of 2019, the library formed a committee to seek and evaluate local artists interested in having their work permanently on display.  Over 60 artists submitted samples; 20 artists were selected for in-person interviews before the final 9 were chosen.

The artists are:

  • Karolyn Berkiel
  • Jane Ellefson
  • Michael Grimm
  • David Hartwig
  • Shaina Kriese
  • Mia Kuntz
  • Gisele Muzones
  • Sadie Saller
  • Dan Ziembo

The collection comprises a variety of mediums ---painting on canvas, digital art, pastels, still life, photography and pen and ink with watercolor—and is located in public areas throughout the building. 

“We are excited to have such a wonderful collection,” said Board President Doug Nieman, “and so proud of its connection to our area.”

Lake Villa District Library enriches life in our community by connecting people to information, resources, services, spaces and each other.