Summer Reading 2021

This summer, Lake Villa District Library invites you to relax, take it easy and enjoy the season with our 2021 reading program, Simply Summer!

Simply Summer 2021

This summer, Lake Villa District Library invites you to relax, take it easy and enjoy the season with our 2021 reading program, Simply Summer! It’s easy to participate … here’s how: 

  • Set a goal for how many minutes you want to read each day (how about 20?).
  • Read (or be read to) for 20 days—track your progress on our simple log.
  • Get chances to win fabulous prizes! Earn raffle tickets when you sign up and when you complete 10 and 20 days.
  • Feel like switching it up? Try one of our fun reading- or library-related activities.
  • Kids and young adults also earn a brand-new book to keep for finishing 20 days!
  • Want more chances to win? Earn more raffle tickets on our bonus log!

By participating in Simply Summer, you’ll also help people in our community. For every 20 days completed, the LVDL Foundation will donate $1 to the Lake Villa Township Food Pantry.

Get Started

It’s super easy to participate. Visit us at LVDL to register and pick up a reading log, or register yourself using the links below and print out a reading log at home!

Register a child or young adult              Register an adult

Visit the library or contact us to enter raffle tickets and receive prize books!

Print a reading log

Activity Ideas

Looking for activity ideas?Try some of these!

  1. Participate in one of LVDL’s great programs! Check out the events calendar.
  2. Download the Libby app and discover a new resource for reading.
  3. Read a graphic novel (comic) on Hoopla.
  4. Prepare an international recipe from one of 174 different countries on A to Z World Food.
  5. Follow LVDL on social media (Facebook/Instagram).
  6. Test your geography skills with GeoFindIt on A to Z Maps.
  7. Dress like your favorite book character for a day.
  8. Read a book to a family member!
  9. Interview a grandparent or older relative about what life was like when they were young.
  10. Have a storytime picnic in your own backyard.
  11. Discover a read-a-like for your favorite series using NoveList.
  12. Assemble a family cookbook with everyone’s favorite recipes.
  13. Make a time capsule.
  14. Look around your neighborhood for letters on signs.
  15. Explore the music available on Freegal.
  16. Go stargazing—look for constellations, or make up your own in the night sky.
  17. Make up your own board game.
  18. Sort items you have at home: by color, from biggest to smallest, etc.
  19. Do a DIY craft project using Creativebug.
  20. Read a magazine using Flipster.
  21. Check out and read a book by an author new to you.
  22. Read to your pet or stuffed animal.
  23. View a “Sports Story” or other documentary on CuriosityStream.
  24. Listen to an audiobook while you clean, garden, etc.
  25. Enjoy a picture book together on TumbleBooks.
  26. Host a family dance party.
  27. Draw a poster of your favorite book or favorite character.
  28. Brighten someone’s day—tell a joke to three people.
  29. Play an outdoor game that was a childhood favorite (yours or someone else’s).
  30. Practice a new language using Mango Languages.
  31. Support a local business.
  32. Count all the books in your house.