Summer Reading 2024

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Monday, June 3 - Sunday, August 11

No matter your age or reading level, join us for an unbelievably great summer. All you have to do is set aside time every day to read for chances to win amazing prizes. Plus, we’ve got great bug-themed programs and activities planned---including an end of summer reading party!

Participating is a snap, here’s how:

  • Set a goal for how many minutes you want to read each day. (how about 20?)
  • Cross off a box for every day you reach your goal.
  • Check-in with us to track your progress. Every 10 days you read earns an entry into our Summer Reading Raffle.
  • Collect your prize at Day 20.
  • Keep reading for extra chances to win.

Remember---being read to or reading to someone counts.

And remember, summer reading isn’t just for kids. Grown-ups can earn chances to win great prizes too. How does a gift certificate to an area restaurant or local store sound? All you need to do is set aside some time every day for reading. And remember, anything and everything counts---listening to an audiobook or reading a magazine on your tablet---it’s all reading. And the best part about reading every day? You’re modeling reading as a lifelong skill to the children in your life.

The fun starts Monday, June 3! Visit the Adult and Youth/Young Adult Desks to register.


Great Summer Programs